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  • I’m cheerful that our coastal condominium building was made with stainless steel rebar

    The last thing I thought I wanted at this age was to downsize. For years I dreamed of finally owning a bunch of land with a large apartment overlooking a lake or pond. When I finally achieved those dreams in my 30s, I wasn’t sure how to guess about having it all at last. I […]

  • Our building supply supplier is finally catching up on supply chain shortages

    Before I started toiling for a building supply business, I was just another residential electrician doing wiring installation work on modern homes being built in my city’s greater metropolitan area. After there was a housing shortage during the pandemic, a lot of developers started building in earnest. While I had good task security at the […]

  • The supply lines for rebar tie wire have improved for my friend’s business

    Supply lines are still troublesome for a lot of industries, but I remember when things were so bad in the beginning that you couldn’t even find toilet paper for a large amount of time. There was a huge incentive to buy and hoard it when you could find it, which bled over into all of […]

  • Cinder block houses are reinforced with standard kinds of rebar tie wire

    Who knows how long it will take for rebar tie wire production levels to return to normal again I don’t know how I feel about all of the construction going up in this area. On the one hand, it made my property value increase and gave me some serious equity on my house that I […]

  • I had no idea you could make tools out of rebar tie wire

    There are a lot of clever DIY tutorials on the internet, but some of my favorites are the ones outlining unique ways to make homemade tools. When I started my woodworking hobby, I wanted to learn the process of chisling and sculpting knife handles to go with other projects I was working on simultaneously. This […]

  • The disadvantages of epoxy coated rebar tie wire

    There are some products that are seen as huge innovations at first before falling out of use for important reasons a few years later. In the 1880s manufacturers started using asbestos as an insulator because of its natural fibrous texture, but in the 1970s studies began to indicate its severe impact on respiratory health. Buildings […]

  • Consider using corrosion resistant rebar if it’s exposed to the elements

    This past year has been full of insane amounts of precipitation, be it rain, snow, or hail. The winter came with blizzards during every month and knocked out my power on four separate occasions. Thankfully I have a supplemental heating system hooked up to a storm generator for these exact situations. Some of my poor […]

  • I couldn't find the black annealed wire ties I needed for the job

    The project had to stop for 3 days while we waited for the rest of the supplies to arrive I don’t like being the person that gets in trouble when we run out of supplies. I feel the full brunt of the anger and aggravation that my boss feels. My boss does not have a […]

  • I had to pay a hefty restocking fee

    A couple of months ago, I made a big mistake when I was ordering items for a project. I had to order rebar tie wire from a company online. I needed several different sizes of rebar tie wire. I ordered 16 gauge galvanized wire with a zinc coating. I like getting wire with zinc coating, […]

  • I received 18 gauge bundles instead of 16 gauge bundles

    Stainless steel rebar tie wire can be used in a number of different applications. It has unmatched service life, weather resistance, affordability, and durability. Rebar tie wire is available in a number of different sizes. I use 16 gauge bundles of galvanized rebar tie wire. I order the rebar tie wire from a company here […]

  • The pliers were a nice way to say thank you

    My wifey’s parents were talking about fixing up their driveway. I provided my knowledge plus comprehension to help them do the job right. My wifey’s dad was actually ecstatic with the suggestion plus she provided to buy all of the supplies plus help with the job. I explained in superb detail how the project would […]