Selling for cash was way better than buying through a real estate agency

I honestly dislike working with real estate agents.

When I was young I bought all my rental properties through real estate agents.

It was such a nightmare coordinating with them. They didn’t have any knowledge or skills. They basically just facilitated contact plus took a hefty percentage of the sale. I typically felt they were totally worthless. So years went by plus I decided that it was the time to sell my rental properties. I didn’t want to be a building owner anymore. I wanted to buy a beach shack plus retire with my partner down south. I didn’t even bother looking at Portland real estate agencies. I just looked for people who say they buy homes for cash, or local house buyers. It was a way better experience selling to cash buyers in the Portland area. They didn’t require me to do anything, no repairs, no remodeling, no staging, plus the beast had no hidden fees. I liked how rapidly the process was as well. With a real estate agent you are contacting plus coordinating for months, you are trying to get in touch with them plus having no luck, the cash house buyer plus I had a two afternoon conversation plus then all my venues were sold. My associate and I agreed on price plus I just signed everything over. It was that easy. I can’t request doing cash sales more to rental landlords. It makes it less stressful. Hopefully I never have to sell a venue again, but if I do, I am contacting that Portland cash house buyer for sure.

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