Selling my rental properties for money now

After studying the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I got it into my head that I wanted to be a rental apartment owner.

I found a ton of sites for sale in Portland, OR and bought them. I invested in some money to service them up and hunted around for the perfect tenants. After a while I got burned out. The tenants are so needy. I am consistently going over to their site for dumb things, and one had a restrained sink, another had a squishy floor, and one had an issue with the lights. It is consistently money going out and barely any coming in. It is a thankless job that you aren’t going to get rich off of. I wasn’t able to afford an apartment supervisor so I had to do it all on my own. I am a sleepy apartment owner and I am done. I started putting one apartment on the market just to see if I could make some money. It took months for that piece of apartment to sell. It was months of back and froth and dealing with a real estate agent that took a portion of my money. Now for the rest of my properties I am looking for a Portland money buyer. I want to sell my rental properties fast for money. I am done paying the taxes, utilities, and dealing with tenants. I can’t wait to unload it all on someone else. The Oregon money loft customer I am working with is great. She isn’t jerking me around and has a firm price point for each piece.

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