Relocating and a money loft customer saved me

My partner made the decision to enlist in the service. She started getting bumped all around the world, however first it was basic training and then her first assignment. Now it looks like she is going to be in a section for at least five years. That is fantastic since I can justify moving to be with him. I own a loft in Portland, Oregon. I was having a heck of a time selling the apartment through a real estate agent. My partner is already in the new location. I didn’t want to waste time listing the property. The agent wanted a lot of repairs, staging, and to hold it on the market for a while. I ended up mixing her and just finding an Oregon real estate company. They buy homes for money. That was right up my alley. A money loft customer doesn’t want to mess around and make the sale take longer. The girl handed me a price and I took a bit to know about it. I then signed the papers and I have a week before I need to leave. Having money on hand is genuinely great. I don’t plan on buying another house at this point either. So all the money is being stored in the bank for a rainy afternoon. I just used a little bit to ship most of my furniture and belongings. Now all that is left is me and the family cat getting on a plane and making it to our new spot. I am so cheerful that there are money loft purchasers in Portland to make relocation easier.

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