Working with a money loft customer is just so much better

My whole family lived in Portland, Oregon.

It was just the site my fantastic friend and I all decided to set up camp.

The rules were that you married someone you went to highschool with, got a local job, and bought a house. Then you had kids and continued the cycle over again. Well one by one my family started moving down south, and both my sisters went out of state for university and met ladies there. So they moved and only visit rarely. My parents bought a beach house and basically live there full time. So I am the one family member left in Portland and I don’t like it. I didn’t marry a local girl and I hate my job. So why not move? I am in the process of packing up and going down south. I have already bought a house down there and have begun getting my material possessions there. I also have a job on the line and I am feeling really excited. The last step in selling my Portland house. I don’t need to do a fast for money deal, however I know I am doing one anyway. The real estate agencies in Portland were an evening mare to labor with. I didn’t want to phase my house and make repairs. I am sending all my furniture away, I don’t want to keep it around for strangers to look at while they walk through my home. I also didn’t want to spend my money on repairs. I needed to save for the move. The money loft purchasers have been so much nicer to labor with. I genuinely know this is how I am going to sell my house.

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