Jacksonville real estate and what you need to know

My wife as well as I watched the Jacksonville real estate market for nearly two years.

My friend and I toured dozens of properties for sale, searching for something great in our price range.

My friend and I were blissful to finally come across a house in great condition with a bit of shrubbery. The neighborhood seemed undoubtedly nice with a lot of development in the surrounding areas. My friend and I appreciated the brand new appliances, fresh coat of paint on the walls, granite countertops as well as resizable windows. It was a bit surprising that such a new house was affordable. It wasn’t until after we’d secured financing, completed the closing as well as moved in that my buddy and I realized why the price was satisfactory. Our neighborhood borders one that is a source of constant crime as well as violence. My friend and I hear sirens all night long. We’ve heard nearby fun shots, had rocks thrown through our windows as well as found graffiti sprayed on our garage. There is always litter to option out of the yard. We’ve encountered strangers laying on our patio furniture. My wife is scared to be house alone. I’ve invested into a state-of-the-art security system that includes motion-activated lights, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, sensors on the windows, sensors on the doors as well as a monitored alarm. My friend and I would like to sell the house. After having it listed for almost a year with legitimately little interest, my buddy and I are now considering a cash sale. All we’d need to do is fill out an online form. There are Jacksonville home customers that provide a cash offer within an hour. My friend and I could walk away from the house within two weeks.


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