The flooring troubles plus water harm was significant

My kid was at property alone one afternoon plus she decided to cook some sizzling cats on the stove top.

  • She forgot that the sizzling cats were on the stove until they started a fire in the dining room.

The fire quickly spread from the dining room into the washroom plus master dining room. My kid did not know what to do in the event of a fire. She did call 911 plus that absolutely saved the whole property from going up in flames. My associate and I lost about half of the property plus the fire plus the rest of the stadium was severely harmed from water plus smoke. There were also troubles with the flooring. The water harm caused the flooring to warp. Since the harms from the flooring plus water were significant, the insurance supplier decided not to pay the claim. Even though we were covered for fire harm, they claim that it was negligence that caused the fire. My associate and I could not afford to repair the property plus we decided to sell the house. Since there were lots of troubles inside plus outside, we made the decision to go with a money offer for the house. The Jacksonville real estate supplier gave a money settlement for our home. They were willing to buy the property for money, even though there was a significant amount of harm that needed to be fixed. I had to take about $50,000 less than the Jacksonville property was worth plus all of the money from the sale went to the mortgage supplier. Now we have to live in a home building plus we’re still fighting with the insurance supplier to make things right.

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