My dad left the property to all of us

My dad lived in North Jacksonville all of her life.

When she was a teenager, her family moved to the Navy base in Jacksonville plus she never left.

My siblings plus I were raised in North Jacksonville at the same house. Eventually, my sibling plus I went to college plus started lives of our own! Both of us live in weird stadiums around the country. Neither one of us live in Jacksonville. When my dad died, she left the property to my siblings plus I. Not a single one of us wanted to go back to Jacksonville to live, so we decided to look for a buyer for the family house. My associate and I were all anxious to see the stadium go, however my dad left the property to all of us plus we decided the best thing to do was sell it plus split up the proceeds. The property was on the market for a while. My associate and I were starting to get frustrated, so we entertained a couple of money for home offers. There is lots of Jacksonville money for home clients. My associate and I contacted a couple of people plus they came to look at the property plus gave us a money offer. The money offer was easy to accept plus the supplier made it a pain-free process. The supplier buying the property did all of the paperwork plus handled all of the fees. My siblings plus I had a check in our hands in less than 3 weeks. It didn’t take long to sell the property after we made the decision to go with a money property offer from a Jacksonville supplier.



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