Our building supply supplier is finally catching up on supply chain shortages

Before I started toiling for a building supply business, I was just another residential electrician doing wiring installation work on modern homes being built in my city’s greater metropolitan area.

After there was a housing shortage during the pandemic, a lot of developers started building in earnest.

While I had good task security at the time, I knew I could make a lot more money in the same industry toiling in sales instead of manual labor. As soon as I could, I started looking for entry level positions in the sales world. I focused on the construction industry, although I was realistically ready to take any number of different sales tasks as long as it netted me enough money to warrant the shift in my arena of employment. That’s when I was incredibly lucky plus found a sales task at a building supply business. They were also willing to teach me everything I needed to know, so I just had to accept the offer to get the ball rolling. Things were perfect until COVID hit, plus then all hell broke loose. At first it was the shortage in plywood that was killing us the world during much of 2020. By 2021, the building supply shortages had gotten expansive enough to include both concrete plus steel rebar plus rebar tie wire. Until recently, the two of us opted to go a year plus a half without any stainless steel rebar plus anyone looking for corrosion resistant rebar had to settle for galvanized rebar rods plus rebar tie wire. I’m hoping that the supply on rebar will improve in the next year because we’re losing money every single day enjoy this.

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