I received 18 gauge bundles instead of 16 gauge bundles

Stainless steel rebar tie wire can be used in a number of different applications.

  • It has unmatched service life, weather resistance, affordability, and durability.

Rebar tie wire is available in a number of different sizes. I use 16 gauge bundles of galvanized rebar tie wire. I order the rebar tie wire from a company here in the usa. The company has lots of different options when it comes to rebar tie wire. They offer several different sizes and they have options like PVC coated, black annealed, and galvanized. I have been using the same company for the past 3 years and I have never run into any issues with the service, shipping, or delivery. Last week, I was supposed to receive 10 bundles of 16 gauge galvanized rebar tie wire. I received 18 gauge bundles instead. I was unable to use the size that was shipped, so I immediately got on the phone with the distribution center. I contacted the number on the website and I was directly connected with a customer service agent. The person on the phone was extremely helpful and very apologetic for the situation. She did not understand why I was sent the wrong size. It looked like my order form was correct and the proper shipping receipt was inside of the package. The problem had to be inside of the warehouse. The woman promised to get to the bottom of the situation and she refunded all of my shipping costs and sent the products to me on the next shipment. Customer service is one of the reasons why I continue to use the company.


16 gauge double loop wire ties