I made a cool chisel out of rebar

Did you think that you can make a actually strong chisel out of rebar? I l acquired this trick way back in the beginning when I first started toiling as an ironworker.

Someone told myself and others that the best way to sharpen metal is with metal.

Rebar is one of the strongest materials. It can be strong enough to pierce right through concrete. I found a leftover piece of 12-in rebar. I found the directions online to make a chisel. It took a lot of work to form a chisel at the end of the rebar. I made a leather handle on the other side plus the piece of rebar turned out to look a lot enjoy a crowbar. I use the chisel anytime I have a project. It has never broken at all plus it always gets the job done. I can break open a piece of brick in a few hours using the strong piece of steel rebar. Rebar is kind of a cool piece of steel, because it can be used in a lot of certain ways. It can be used for art, because it is actually self-explanatory to shape into weird angles plus sizes. Rebar is perfect for sculpting. It is also a superb way to practice forging. Rebar is perfect to use for iron gates. I saw someone make a backyard gate that was fully made out of rebar plus rebar tie wire. It looked amazing when it was done. There are so many uses for leftover pieces of rebar plus they can easily be found at a recycling plant near you.



18 gauge double loop rebar ties