I had no idea you could make tools out of rebar tie wire

There are a lot of clever DIY tutorials on the internet, but some of my favorites are the ones outlining unique ways to make homemade tools. When I started my woodworking hobby, I wanted to learn the process of chisling and sculpting knife handles to go with other projects I was working on simultaneously. This was fun for a while, but I soon found myself yearning for more and something slightly more challenging than what I had exposed myself to before. After you’ve made book shelves, coffee tables, and desks out of wood, there aren’t many places to progress toward unless you gravitate towards the world of making actual art. I was proficient enough with wood that I felt comfortable moving toward working with metal. At first I cut sheet metal and learned how to bend it and press it with a variety of stamps. When I felt comfortable with basic metal, I joined a welding class at my local art center. While I had no intentions of trying to use the welding skills to make money, it was another hobby to learn as a means of keeping myself busy in my downtime from work. We learned how to weld by using coils of rebar tie wire that we would bend with a rebar bender before cutting it into segments with a rebar cutter. After I became proficient at welding rebar tie wire, I started making things like door handles and tools out of rebar tie wire. You can also use it to create fence and gate rails and posts. The number of uses for rebar tie wire is almost endless.


18 gauge rebar wire ties