We had trouble finding the right supplies for the job

My wife and I decided to put an underground swimming pool in the backyard.

We spoke with the contractor about the job. The contractor said he could not start with that job until spring. I understood why he wanted to wait, because the ground was still cold and probably frozen. It would take a lot more time to dig through the cold ground and we probably wouldn’t use the pool until the summer season anyways. The contractor started their job in the early part of March. By then, all of the snow was gone and it was in the 60s every single day. The contractor started laying all of the foundation for the pool first. He used a lot of rebar products when he was getting the form ready. All of the concrete was poured into the rebar and the pieces of rebar were held together with wire ties. That double loop wire ties were strong enough to hold the rebar together, but they were flexible enough to work well in this application where they needed to be flexible a small amount. The swimming pool was not perfectly shaped like a rectangle. The rounded edges needed to be set with flexible stainless steel rebar pieces. After the concrete was poured, the pool installation jobs seem to go very quickly. They were putting marcite down a week after the concrete was poured, and a week after that we had sparkling blue water in the pool. The new pool is refreshing and cool and great on a summer day.


16GA stainless bar wire