We got out early when the fire broke out

A couple of my co-workers and I went to the sub shop for lunch.

We were a few minutes late coming back to work, but I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.

Wounds my co-workers and I pulled into the parking lot, we saw smoke and flames coming from the area of the building where we form coils of 16 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire. I wasn’t working in that area when we left, but one of my coworkers named Jack was working on the machine that forms the 16 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire. Jack was in the car with me and I immediately asked him if there was something going on before he left. He didn’t know anything about the fire. With on-the-spot on the parking lot and tried to enter the building. One of the executives was standing outside and he wanted to know what time we were supposed to clock in from lunch. We were busted for being late, but we didn’t get in trouble due to the fire. The executive told us that they were clearing everyone out of the area where the 16 gauge stainless steel rebar tie wire was being formed. They were probably going to let everyone go home early, but the executive told us to check in with our floor manager before we went anywhere. When we found our boss, he was so flustered by the fire that he didn’t even realize we were late coming back from lunch. Everyone got sent home early so they could evaluate and find the cause of the fire.
16 gauge galvanized wire ties