I inspect the product to make sure the pvc coats all of the wire

I like working at the plastic factory for a lot of different reasons. The factory is really close to my trailer. It takes about 5 minutes to drive to work in the morning and 7 minutes to drive home in the afternoon. Traffic is always a little worse in the afternoon than it is in the morning. I also like working at the plastic factory, because I don’t have to think very hard. I have two jobs and I am trying to save up to go to technical school. I like having a job that is the same skill every single day. It is my job to inspect all of the products coming out of the coating machine. The coating machine is filled with PVC in a liquid form. We receive large coils of tie wire and we cover them with liquid PVC. We also have another machine that coats the tie wire with a different plastic. All day long I run the coils of tie wire in and out of the machine. I inspect the product to make sure that the PVC liquid coats all of the wire evenly. If there are any problems with the consistency or the finalized product, I have to stop production to find the error. All of the tie wire and double loop wire ties are coated in this facility. We handle shipping all across the northwest. If there are any problems, it could potentially lead to a potential building code violation or even a dangerous, fatal situation. I take my job very seriously so I can keep people safe.

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