This house is going to need some work

The first house I purchased in Jacksonville was a bit small with a slightly odd layout. However, the house had quite a bit of potential. I didn’t plan on making the home my family’s forever home, so I wasn’t willing to take on major updates. I improved the bathroom with a new vanity as well as a mirror. I installed a new floor in the bedroom as well as painted every room. Investing into some shrubs as well as plants as well as spending a few weekends on landscaping improvements made a sizable difference to the curb appeal. When I gained a promotion at labor as well as started earning significantly more money, I decided it was time to elevate my family’s living situation. My friend and I toured quite a few properties before deciding on a house in the San Marcos area. Rather than sell the original house, I rented it out. Receiving that extra income every month helped to pay the mortgage on the new house. Unfortunately, the tenants caused some major problems. They initially complained to me that there was an infestation of rats. While living there, I had never spotted a rat. I eventually learned that the tenant owned a food truck. They were preparing important batches of food in the house as well as not effectively cleaning up. There were food scraps as well as garbage lying around as well as drawing in the rats. Although I paid for pest control, the situation simply drew in new rats within the afternoons. There were also concerns with cockroaches. The neighbors began to complain because my tenants weren’t mowing the shrubbery. The eviction process was slow, hard as well as stressful. By the time I got the tenants out, they’d left behind an unbelievable deal of detriment. At that point, I simply wanted to sell the house. I didn’t have the energy to take on another round of remodeling.


sell house with water damage